Ladies handbag Chantal
Trendy handbag with partly reinforced walls.Modern handbag has a trapezoidal shape with medium long handles so that they could wear comfortably over the shoulder and hand. Grips are filled then remembered padding that keeps you comfortable. The handbag is closed by a zipper. To protect the bottom of the bag bottom is vyztruženo plastic film and supplemented five caps (feet).The handbag is made of cowhide.Lining handbag is made from a comfortable polyester material.Handbag is equipped with two inside pockets on the sides and practical keychain. The walls of the bag are reinforced by a special l..
Cross body Victoria
A handbag that can be categorized as a cross body or in a category suitable for shoulder-wearing. It is very elegant and yet very practical thanks to its size. The handbag with its design fits into a collection of modern trapezoid handbags.The individual parts of the handbag are sewn together and the edge is cut on a special double-needle sanding machine that seams the seam at the same time with the seam, making the seam finished perfectly smooth. The top of the handbag is cleaned and knocked. The handbag is zip fastener. At the back of the handbag is sewn with a very practical, zip closable p..
Women's handbag Molly
Fashionable ladies handbag made from a natural leather.The handbag has a modern rectangular shape and medium-length handles to carry comfortably over the shoulder and in the hand also. For comfortable wearing, the handles are filled with a special pad. The handbag has zip fastener for more comfortable and safe closing . In order to protect the lower part of the handbag is the bottom reinforced with plastic foil and supplemented with four caps. On the back of the handbag is a practical zip sealing pocket.The handbag is made of cow-hide leather.The lining of the handbag is made of comfortable po..
Modern flapper handbag made of soft beef leather. The handkerchief is completed with a practical handle. The handbag can be worn both in the hand and thanks to its long and adjustable strap, even over the shoulder or across the chest. The handbag can be closed by means of a swivel lock on the flap and a practical zipper in the upper part of the body. The handbag is fitted with two pockets inside the front and back of the handbag. One of the pockets is complete with a practical detachable keychain. One pocket is asymmetrically divided and is suitable for your mobile phone. The second one is zip..
Ladie´s bag Valerie
Fashionable women's handbag designed for wearing in hand over shoulder.The handbag is made of soft beef. Inside, it features two pockets on the sides and a practical keychain. One of the pockets is asymmetrically divided and is suitable for your mobile phone. The second pocket is a zip closure and is suitable for your wallet. This handbag has a specially spaced document placement inside. You can place documents up to A4 size or smaller notebooks in this section. The holders of the handbag are filled with a special pad and are long enough to carry the handbag over the shoulder. The handbag is z..
Ladies bag Calliope
Fashion handbag designed for carrying in your hand or over the shoulder.The handbag is made of soft cowhide. Inside it is provided with two pockets located on the sides and practical keychain. One of the pockets is asymmetrically divided and is suitable for your mobile phone. The second pocket is zippered and is suitable for the location of your wallet. This handbag has a special department within the space for document storage. In this section can accommodate documents up to A4 size or smaller notebook. It is also equipped with a handbag removable shoulder strap length 1m. The strap is comple..
Ladies bag Tina
Handbag TINA - new to our shopThe handbag is made of soft cowhide. It has two inside pockets sewn into the front and back of the bag. One of the pockets is supplemented by practical detachable keyring. One pocket is asymmetrically divided and is suitable for your mobile phone. The second is the lockable zipper and is suitable for your wallet. Handle bags are filled with special padding which makes it convenient and comfortable to wear. Handbag with zipper closed. To protect the bag bottom, the bottom of the hard plastic sheet reinforced and supplemented with five steel caps (feet). The walls o..
ladies bag Bianca
I would like to introduce handbag named BIANCAI tried handbag design and fashion to meet the high demands of customers in the design and properties. For example, the shoulder strap for greater comfort foam filled sufficiently wide to fit you quite filled and thus quite heavy bag does not cause bruising on his shoulders. Handbag has a reinforced bottom, which is complemented by five caps that make you neušpiní bottom of the bag. The handbag is modeled so that you when you stand on a table shaped collapse.For the production of handbags were used quality chromed cowhide thickness of 1.0 to 1.1 mm..
Special offer
Dear customers,I would recommend this offered three models of handbags (Isabell, Francisco and la France) from our collection of unique material design. Combination of leather in two different types (ground-nubuck and smooth) delivers models stamp of originality. Marble embossing nubuck that highlights the main part of the bag handbag adds a whole new dimension of elegance.Because of the narrowness of nubuck material availability in this version (no longer produced) were handbags made in limited quantities and 4 pieces of the model...
New Year greetings
Dear customers,I would like to take this opportunity to wish good luck and health in the New Year 2017.RegardsBarbo..
Dear customers,I would like to cordially met with several innovations in our shop.The first novelty is that our shop is now protected by an SSL certificate.More about SSL certificates:What is SSLL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a non-commercial open protocol and is currently one of the most used methods for securing data transmissions across the internet between a server and a web presentation viewer (user).SSL is a protocol that provides data encryption and server authentication using digital certificates. That we connect to websites secured with SSL, be recognized by the address of the page that ..
Cross body Patricia
Dear customers,Handbag which can be categorized as cross body also into categories suitable for carrying over the shoulder but otherwise very elegant and due to their size very practical. Patricia its design fits into a trapezoidal collection of modern handbags.The individual components from which the bag is sewn together on workbooks and Stírce rozešity a special rozešívacím two needle machine that simultaneously with the seam underneath rozešíváním tufted lemůvku making it perfectly finished seam hladký.Horní of handbags are cleaned, and adjusted zaklepáváním. Handbag is from the top of zipp..
Augusts´ news
First  August newsletter.The first news I would like to introduceUniversal elegant ladies' Notebook.The idea for the production of elegant women's notebook bags that inspired me one customer from Prague. She complained that she has a bag on a laptop from a well-known multinational companies at incredibly much money and that it is already after a few months of intensive use showed considerable signs of wear. This bag was made of textile material. Customer desire was to modify Jeanne handbag so that it is suitable for 15 "notebook. Jeanne model I edited and sent customers to try. Unfortunat..
Why be afraid of white handbagsHandbags Brand "Barbo" are made from natural leather with a special coating which makes is very easy to maintain. Dirty skin surface is very easy to clean. For example, we have prepared a few descriptive images and simple instructions for cleaning our handbags.Preparation for cleaning:dirty handbagsoft, absorbent well a sponge, preferably cottondetergent dishwashing detergent, soap or liquid washing powdera bowl of waterplastic foam sponge (not pictured)self cleaningin a bowl of water create a solution of detergent and waterfoam sponge with this solution Wash han..
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