Ladies handbag Chantal

Ladies handbag Chantal

Trendy handbag with partly reinforced walls.

Modern handbag has a trapezoidal shape with medium long handles so that they could wear comfortably over the shoulder and hand. Grips are filled then remembered padding that keeps you comfortable. The handbag is closed by a zipper. To protect the bottom of the bag bottom is vyztruženo plastic film and supplemented five caps (feet).

The handbag is made of cowhide.

Lining handbag is made from a comfortable polyester material.

Handbag is equipped with two inside pockets on the sides and practical keychain. The walls of the bag are reinforced by a special lightweight but rigid porous material. Handbag is suitable for transferring documents A4 size.

The handbag is further divided internally into two equal halves, zippered pocket bulkhead.

Size: length: 34 cm; Height: 30cm; width: 11cm, metric handlebars length: 60cm  

Upper material: cow-hide

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