Cross body Patricia

Cross body Patricia

Dear customers,

Handbag which can be categorized as cross body also into categories suitable for carrying over the shoulder but otherwise very elegant and due to their size very practical. Patricia its design fits into a trapezoidal collection of modern handbags.

The individual components from which the bag is sewn together on workbooks and Stírce rozešity a special rozešívacím two needle machine that simultaneously with the seam underneath rozešíváním tufted lemůvku making it perfectly finished seam hladký.Horní of handbags are cleaned, and adjusted zaklepáváním. Handbag is from the top of zipper closure. IN NO part of the bag is sewn very practical, zipped open pocket deep enough for a mobile phone. The bottom of the bag is reinforced polypropylene plates and pevnýnou protected five caps.

The shoulder strap is woven from high-quality cotton and has a width of 4 cm. The full length 150 cm length. With this width and length, which can be flexibly set inflict Caliper will be wearing this cross body handbag pleasure.

Inside the handbag from each side of the pocket. One is zippered, size suitable for your wallet and the other is asymmetrically divided into two parts. One part is suitable for mobile phone and the other on women's trinkets. Furthermore, the bag features a removable keychain.

On the upper bag was used very high quality chrome cowhide.

The lining is made from a comfortable and high-quality polyester.

Body size bag is:

width: 29 cm, height: 28 cm, depth: 17 cm

shoulder strap length: 150 cm

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