Modern flapper handbag made of soft beef leather. The handkerchief is completed with a practical handle. The handbag can be worn both in the hand and thanks to its long and adjustable strap, even over the shoulder or across the chest. The handbag can be closed by means of a swivel lock on the flap and a practical zipper in the upper part of the body. The handbag is fitted with two pockets inside the front and back of the handbag. One of the pockets is complete with a practical detachable keychain. One pocket is asymmetrically divided and is suitable for your mobile phone. The second one is zipper closable and is suitable for your wallet. The handbag holder is filled with a special pad that allows comfortable and comfortable wearing. To protect the bottom of the handbag, the bottom is reinforced with a hard plastic foil and supplemented with five steel caps (feet). The walls and flaps of the handbag are reinforced with a special lightweight and solid polypropylene foam foil.

The lining of the handbag is made of comfortable polyester material.

All metal parts are in silver.

Size: length: 30cm, height: 26cm, width: 12cm, shoulder strap length: 130cm

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