A couple of current news

Dear customers,

I would like to cordially met with several innovations in our shop.

The first novelty is that our shop is now protected by an SSL certificate.

More about SSL certificates:

What is SSL

L (Secure Sockets Layer) is a non-commercial open protocol and is currently one of the most used methods for securing data transmissions across the internet between a server and a web presentation viewer (user).

SSL is a protocol that provides data encryption and server authentication using digital certificates. That we connect to websites secured with SSL, be recognized by the address of the page that contains the extra letter "s", or by warning of the browser. The advantage of SSL is that the webmaster for the use of the security must only provide redirection to address with the HTTPS protocol.

The principle function of SSL certificates is based on asymmetric encryption, where each of the communicating parties have two encryption keys - public and private. The public key can be posted and if this public key encrypting the data, it is ensured that these data will be able to decrypt only the owner of the public key with its private key.

SSL certificates should be used by every owner of a website that collects any way from its users confidential data in forms and includes features such as logging in to the site with passwords. For intranet portals and most electronics stores should use SSL security for granted.

Another novelty is the extension of payment options for your ordered goods by credit card. Payment is made through a secure payment gateway CSOB bank.

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