New Ladie´s bag Bianka
Handbag modern style,Handbag is designed and modeled to meet the highest demands of customers on the design and properties. For example, the shoulder strap for greater comfort filled with a foam allowing you to wear quite filled and thus difficult enough handbags will not cause bruises on the arms. The handbag is modeled so that it could be enough to solidify the base and accompanied by five caps allowing you neušpiní bottom of her purse and handbag itself only when standing on a table collapse.The handbag is made of high quality chromed cow leather thickness of 1.0 to 1.1 mm. The inner lining..
A small presentation about me that appeared on TV Fler..
Laidies bag Francisca
Trendy handbag with partly reinforced walls.Modern handbag has a trapezoidal shape with medium long handles so that they could wear comfortably over the shoulder and hand. Grips are filled then remembered padding that keeps you comfortable. The handbag is closed by a zipper. To protect the bottom of the bag bottom is vyztruženo plastic film and supplemented five caps (feet).The handbag is made of cowhide.Lining handbag is made from a comfortable polyester material.Handbag is equipped with two inside pockets on the sides and practical keychain. The walls of the bag are reinforced by a special l..
Dear customers,I would like to invite you to purchase in our shop where you can buy up to 31 May 2016 all the great bag with 20% discount.Wishing you a happy purchasePaul B...
City bag "NELLY"
Fashionable ladies bag feelings of genuine leather.City bag NELLY is designed and modeled so that you offered maximum comfort while wearing utmost ergonomics.City bag NELLY combines timeless design, ergonomics and comfort (back are reinforced with soft polyester foam). City bag NELLY act optically small, but thanks to the front fold provides enormous interior space for an incredible amount of things needed while strolling through the town and in the countryside. Inside the backpack can be found as usual in my models, two full pockets. One is the zipper on the back and the other, an asymmetrica..
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Crossbody "CAT"
Dear customers,I would like to introduce this model in a series of cross sections called "CAT" (CAT). The individual components of which is a handbag sewn are completely cleaned, and adjusted zaklepáváním. Handbag is from the top of zipper closure. In front of one large pocket accessible through two sections covered zippers. These sections are ergonomically inclined to pocket was the most convenient and accessible both when worn over the left and right shoulder. The shoulder strap is woven from high-quality cotton and has a width of 4 cm and a full-length measuring 150 cm. With this width..
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Dear customers,I would like to introduce this new handbag, model Natalie.This model was created at the suggestion of many friends who would like to wear handbags just-in-hand, but also over his shoulder and may not be exactly handbag it can store documents up to A4 size, but on the other hand in it must fit their entire arsenal of accessories ( umbrella, purse, cosmetic pouch etc.). This requirement is fulfilled, I mean, I modeled my purse square in the bottom of sufficient size 23 x 17 cm and 13 cm in height handbags, it created a surreal 5083 cm3 storage space for your belongings.Handbag to ..
New ladies´bags from 2016 collection
Dear customers,Today, I extended the offer of the shop on notecases. Notecases is a small pocket wallet that will serve you well if you do not want to tote discounted rates and credit cards. There are two models, simply called as Type A and Type B. Type A is simple. It consists of one pocket for coins, two slots for credit cards, ID card or driver's license. Middle spring is then inserted behind which it is possible to attach a paper banknote. The second notecases, type B consists of two pockets for coins, four slots for credit cards, ID card or driver's license as well as type A in the middle..
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